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A collage of family photos taken by Stacey Marie Photography at Payne Park in Sarasota, Florida.
Family Photography Session at Payne Park in Sarasota, FL

The Kreutzjans Family Photography Session at Payne Park, Sarasota Florida

This family photography session was amazing and this family was a blast to work with! They were full of energy and it shows in their portraits.

When they first contacted me, they weren’t sure exactly where they wanted to have their family portraits taken, but they knew they didn’t want them on the beach. One part of the family lives in town and two other parts of the family were going to be visiting from up north. So, I did some research, drove around a bit, and stumbled upon Payne Park. I was instantly IN LOVE with the place. There was some construction happening off to one side, but the rest of the place was perfect!

We talked about what to wear for the photos as well. The family didn’t want to wear matching outfits so I suggested wearing something in the same color family. Mrs. D. loved that idea and chose to wear white with a splash of blue as the matriarch of the family. Everyone else wore something blue in their outfit. They look coordinated without being identically matched.

We scheduled around the family’s dinner plans and I met them at the park. We took some photos while waiting for everyone to arrive (there was a big accident on the road that delayed one branch of the family). Once everyone got there we set off and captured some amazing images like the ones you see above.

I even got a compliment from Mr. J. He told his grandma, “That picture lady was really fun and it was easy for me to smile at her. Mom told me I had to look happy and I think I did it for her.”

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