5 Reasons to Have a First Look

What is a First Look?

The First look is a private, intimate time, before the ceremony. It is a time where the bride and groom get to have a “First Look” at each other before anyone else.  There is no audience; just the bride, groom, and your photographer(s) to capture the sweet moment.  This time can be anywhere; outside the venue, in the garden, in the hotel in the lobby, next to the horse-drawn carriage that brought you to the venue, or any other place you can imagine.  But why have a first look?

Bride and Groom hold hands for a First Look before the ceremony.
Johnny and Marrion prepare for their First Look.

1. It Helps You Feel Calmer

Once you see each other for the first time, your nerves will begin to calm. Then, you can truly enjoy the rest of your day.  You will be able to relax and remember more moments of your wedding day.  Your photographer will have better shots of the bride walking down the aisle because the bride won’t look as nervous!

Bride dries her tears after seeing her groom for the first time.
Jessi blots her tears after seeing her groom for the first time.

2. It Frees up More Time. 

Once you have your first look, you can complete your Bride and Groom shots early and have more time to spend with your guests during cocktail hour.  You can also do most, if not all, of your wedding party shots before the ceremony freeing up even more time.

Groom waits as his bride sneaks up behind him for a first look.
Nick waits patiently for his chance to see his bride for the fist time.

3. It Creates More Photo Options. 

Having a first look gives you the opportunity to take photos in a different location, giving you even more photos to choose from after the wedding.  This is especially helpful when the time comes for you to choose photos for your album or prints for your home.

Bride and groom stand back to back before seeing each other fir the first time.
Johnny and Marrion prepare to see each other for the first time.

4.You Will Get Amazing Reaction Photos. 

When there is no one around but the two of you, and your photographer of course, your groom will have the freedom to truly express his emotions.  A first look will make it easier to capture your groom’s reaction. This is because the photographer is typically more focused on the bride as she walks down the aisle during the ceremony.

Bride and Groom smile after seeing each other for their First Look.
Jessi and Nick share their joy after their First Look.

5. You Get to Share a Truly Magical Moment Together. 

Your first look will be one of the first moments, if not the first moment, you get to share together on your wedding day.  That alone makes your first look special. But imaging having that private moment before your special day takes off. That will be something to remember and treasure for a lifetime.

Groom bent over in joy after seeing his bride for the first time.
Nick couldn’t believe his eyes after he got to see his bride.

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