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The Hebert Family Photography Session at the Downtown Bradenton Bus Station, Bradeton, Florida

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a very artistic family at the Downtown Bradenton Bus Station. I know what you’re thinking, the bus station? That’s exactly what I thought when I spoke with them on the phone about their family photography location. Julie said, “Have you seen the Downtown Station?” I admitted that I hadn’t and promised to drive by to check it out. So I did just that; here’s what I discovered!

Shows the setting of the family photography session
The Downtown Bradenton Bus Station

Wow! I had to drive by again and find a place to park just so I could get out and really take it all in! Finally, I understood what she saw and why she was drawn to this location.

Individual Portraits

I called her back and we started to discuss wardrobe and props. Her family is very musical and artistic. She and her children are musicians, her husband a contractor. We had most of it worked out except for her pianist. She wasn’t sure how she could represent her son’s piano in her family photos. I suggested an electronic keyboard knowing it wouldn’t be quite the same as a baby grand but much lighter and easier to move!

Portrait with a keyboard and an artistic background
Family Portrait with Keyboard

Her other son, a trombonist, was drawn to the fence that was separating the bus station from the surrounding area. I must admit, I love this fence. We took several photographs of the family here.

Portrait of Son playing the trombone at the bus station
Family Portrait at the Downtown Bradenton Bus Station

Dad is a contractor and brought his level, tape measure, and box cutter. I though it would be interesting to put him in front of the wooden slats between the bright murals. This would bring out the fact that he often works with wood and would also contrast the bright images his sons had.

Photo of a Contractor in front of a wooden wall
Family Portrait

Mom, who is a musician, is also a business woman. She mentioned that as part of her job, she is often on her cell phone communicating with others. She wanted a few photographs of her using her cell phone. So we utilized the colorful murals to coordinate with the bright purple color of her cell phone case.

Woman with cell phone posing for a photograph in front of a colorful mural
Family Photo in front of a mural at the Downtown Bradenton Bus Station

Family Photography

Once we had several individual portraits taken, it was time to do some family photography. By this time, we had the bus schedule down. Buses would come every 15 minutes or so and we were beginning to loose the light. So, we waited for the next bus to come by and took our places in the car through lane (don’t worry, I didn’t put them in the bus lanes and we hadn’t seen a car use this lane all night). I have to admit, these images are some of my favorite images!

Family Portrait at the Bradenton Bus Station
Artistic Family Portrait at the Downtown Bradenton Bus Station
Artistic Family Photo at the Downtown Bradenton Statation
Family Portrait at the Downtown Bradenton Station

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