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Welcome to my blog.  I'll be chatting about all things to do with boudoir, wedding photography, family photography, headshot photography, and sometimes just random thoughts that pop up in my brain. 

Oh!  and I also LOVE to get out and about and photograph things around town, including those little (and not so little) creatures that crawl, fly, buzz, and otherwise move about.  I hope you'll follow my journey as I continue to add to the blog!

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Welcome to the digital era of real estate, where virtual staging has become a popular tool for showcasing properties in their best light. Gone are the days of traditional staging methods—now, with just a few clicks, you can digitally transform a space and captivate potential buyers. While virtual staging offers numerous advantages, it’s important to […]

Which one is right for your listing? In real estate photography, Virtual Twilight and Real Twilight refer to two different techniques used to photograph the exterior of a property. Real Twilight is a photograph of the property taken during the twilight hours, when the sun has set and the sky is transitioning from day to […]

I had the pleasure of having a cool and amazing bombshell in for a fun boudoir photoshoot recently. Mrs. A. brought in some beautiful lingerie pieces and they fit her perfectly! Her hair and makeup artist, Linda, created a sweet and delicate look for her. I know that she was a little bit nervous for […]

Ms. J. came in for her first ever boudoir session. I could tell that she was a little nervous, but after a little while, her inner Diva started to show! We started, as we always do, with hair and makeup styled by our master hair and makeup artist, Linda. We talked about the wardrobe pieces […]

I had the honor to work with this amazing bombshell a few months ago. She was super open to doing a boudoir session and didn’t appear nervous at all!!  She was ready to celebrate her next chapter in life and what better way than a Boudoir Photo Shoot? Check out some of her boudoir photos […]

Ms. E., one of the most seasoned ladies to ever grace the Stacey Marie Photography studio, came in a few months ago for her Bombshell Boudoir session. She was quite nervous about doing a boudoir session, but told me that it was something she had been wanting to do. She wanted to try stepping out […]

Ms. J. came in for a boudoir session several weeks ago and, like most of my clients, she was a bit nervous about her session. You see, Ms. J. is one of my more “experienced” clients. I don’t mean that she’s modeled before, I mean that she has experienced life! She is in her 50s […]

Miss. V., one of our Bombshell Boudoir models, came in for a Bombshell session in late 2020 and despite being very nervous, she absolutely slayed her session!! Read on to hear what she said about her experience working with Stacey Marie and how she neve felt so sexy before. Have you ever done a Boudoir […]

Miss. T., one of our Bombshell Boudoir models, left our studio feeling confident and sexy AF. She came in for a Bombshell session in late 2020 and let me tell you, she absolutely slayed her session!! Read on to hear what she said about her experience working with Stacey Marie. Have you ever done a […]

When you’re starting out in the world of lingerie, not knowing what lingerie options are out there can be more than a little intimidating. And, that’s totally okay. You are NOT alone!  Whether you’re getting ready for a photoshoot, or just planning on having some fun, knowing the best lingerie options for your body type […]