How to Pose Like a Pro: 5 Tips You Can Use

I know! I’m like you girl, I’d much rather be BEHIND the camera than IN FRONT of it. But when you find yourself in front of the camera, Here are 5 tips you can use to pose like a pro! I’ve taken a few “selfies” with my cell phone as examples to show you.

Stacey Marie demonstrates how to pose with your hips turned away from the camera.

Tip #1: Turn at an angle to the camera; don’t face it straight on.

When you are square to the camera, you look wider than when you angle your shoulders and hips. So, put your weight on your back leg and bend your front leg.

Stacey Marie demonstrates how to pose with your hand on your hip to create a slimming effect.

Tip #2: Put your front hand on your hip and separate your arm from your side.

When your arm is down at your side, you are adding an extra arm to your width and no one wants extra width!! By putting your hand on your hip, you separate your arm from your side and you create a slimmer look.

Stacey Marie demonstrates how to pose like a pro by creating an S curve with your body.

Tip #3: Sit back on that back leg and pop that front knee!

When you sit back on your back leg, it creates a nice S curve in your body and is very flattering for all figures. As you can see, it brings the line of your hips to an angle, instead of straight across. This is exactly what we want in the camera! Don’t forget to tilt your head slightly as well. (Also, adding a cute cat helps too!)

Stacey Marie demonstrates the difference between posing with your camera above and below your face.

Tip #4: When taking a selfie, cameras UP HIGH!

This tip is one I learned from my teen. Take your selfies from ABOVE your face and not BELOW. When you take your selfie from below, you tend to accentuate those parts under the chin we don’t want accentuated. But when we raise our camera above our face and angle it down as we look slightly up, we create a more flattering line in our neck.

Tip #5: Smile and Be Yourself!!

This final tip is the most important one of all. No matter how you pose, ALWAYS remember to smile and be yourself. This will come through in every image.

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