Outdoor Photography Session

I recently had the opportunity to work with the cutest kid on an outdoor photography session.  Ok… so full disclosure here.  This “Cutest Kid” that I speak of, she is my niece. But just look at her, she’s cute, right? Anyway, I had ventured up to Indiana to visit my family. I never travel without my camera, so I suggested to my sister that I take some family photos. It had been a few years since I had photographed her family.

She wanted some new family photos.  However, her son wasn’t quite feeling up to it.  He had a pretty bad stye on his eye that he had just had surgery on to remove and had “COVID hair.” But my niece… she on the other hand was all about the photo shoot. She Face-chatted me daily to talk about her wardrobe and what she should wear. She even planned her fingernail polish and jewelry with me!!
Girl poses in her horse riding outfit during her outdoor photography session.

Outdoor Backdrop

We decided to start with her riding outfit because that was going to be the hardest one to put on. We also decided that we should start in Grandma’s back yard, what better place for an outdoor photography session? There were a lot of places in her yard where we could take some nice photos. She has a privacy fence, brick on the side of the house, some siding, and a beautiful azalea bush that was in full bloom. After taking photos in her riding gear, she switched to her blue dress and we continued snapping photos.
Girl in blue and white dress poses for her outdoor photography session.

Change of Outdoor Scenery and Another Outfit Change

After a while, she changed into her yellow dress and jean jacket. We drove to Historic Downtown Newburgh, another great place for an outdoor photography session.  This is where I grew up so I knew there would be plenty of photo opportunities.
Girl in yellow dress and jean jacket poses for portraits during her outdoor photography session.

I eventually steered her towards the old Newburgh Library where I knew there was an old British Telephone Booth. She thought it was pretty cool. We snapped a few photos there and in front of the fountain. Her legs got a little wet, but it was all in the name of capturing amazing photos so she didn’t complain… too much.
Girl poses with a British Telephone booth.

After that, we took a turn and went towards the river. We took advantage of the wind and the scenery to capture a few close ups of her beautiful smile.
Girl smiles while getting her picture taken during her outdoor photography session.

Then, we headed down the river a bit more. I found a beautiful spot with a stone bench and a shade tree nearby.  We spent a few minutes there snapping some more photos. I spread out a blanket that her grandma made for her and used that as a prop.  Doesn’t it match perfectly with her jacket?
Girl in a jean jacket poses during her outdoor photography session in front of the river.

One Last Scene Change, and Outfit Change…

After that, we headed back to the car so she could change into her last outfit and head to our last location. It’s a footbridge not too far from where we were. This particular foot bridge is a popular location for outdoor photography sessions, especially for family and engagement sessions in Newburgh. I knew that the color of the bridge and foliage would be perfect for the last outfit she wanted to wear. So, we hopped out of the car, took the short walk to the bridge and started photographing our last set of images. By this time, my girl was a pro at posing.  Just look at that cuteness!  We used her quilt again as a prop and for some added color contrast.
Girl poses in front of red bridge for her outdoor photography session.

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